Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Bespoke Dress

The little girl inside me decided from the beginning to go with a bespoke dress as I have a very specific image of how I wanted to look on the day. Googling local dress makers was my starting point and I came across the following options:

http://www.dressmakingdesign.co.uk/danna2/home.htm - costing between £1650 - £2000

http://www.jennylessin.co.uk/index.html - starting from £1750

http://www.veryme.com/ - starting at £750 plus materials

I contacted Kerry at Very Me and arranged a consultation - thankfully Kerry could see where I was going with my idea and was very helpful in terms of deciding materials, the total cost was estimated at £1300!!

Kerry had suggested I try wedding dresses on first to be sure of what I wanted, so I took this opportunity to consider all my option, starting with alternative bespoke services and found two online where the company is a UK based online retailer with a factory shop in China.  You provide your measurements (I am waiting for my mum to take these on my next visit back home), select the style dress you would like (either a copy of a designer dress, or an off the peg dress made to measure).



Now I am unsure what to do... I have 9 months until 'W' day, I have time to look about surely?

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