Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Dress - let the hunt begin

I have this image in my head of how I should look on the big day... a simple, elegant shape, pure style but with a slight edge.

All the questions that go with it... what shape will suit me?  What style is best?  Will it go with the theme of the day?  Will it be comfortable?   Will I be to cold or warm?  How easy will it be to move in?  What is the right colour?  Will it match the bridesmaids dress, does it have to match the bridesmaids?  What jewellery can I wear with it?  Should I buy expensive shoes if I wear a floor length gown?  What will my H2B think?  How much should I spend?

I began with the budget and set a limit of £1200, and decided to go with mid price range for the shoes, because even if no one sees them I'll know I am wearing them!

Next I decided on a material, and style....but I am still going back and forth on the style...

First I considered having my dress made, and researched a few local dress makers, but after several weeks to-ing and throwing I have decided the next step should be to try dresses on first, so I have arrange a couple of weekend shopping outings with the gals to look at style, material and length!

You never know what they will look like until you try them on - that would be my first piece of advice.  Even, if like me, you are intimidates about trying wedding dresses on, it is the best place to start!!

Dress shops to follow!!

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