Wednesday, 24 November 2010


We had been away for along weekend to the Kent coast, and a week before hand I had shown my H2B the ring I wanted... so all a long I was hoping for the proposal to come.  When we returned home and nothing had happen I continued as usual.  The following Saturday came, we were at home cooking dinner in our 'comfy' weekend clothes when he appeared behind me and pulled a box from his pocket...

'You still want the ring?' and there it was, THE ring!!  Of course I said yes.

Turned out the day I had taken H2B to see the ring he had gone back and bought it then spent two weeks walking around with it trying to find the right time.

Making me dinner in our home was the right time for us, it was so personal to who we are.

My engagement ring is a old cut, 1.1 carat diamond from 1880, with 3 diamonds = 0.4 carat either side on a platinum band, bought from Aurum at Grey's Antique Market on Bond Street, London.

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