Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Where to start?

So after confirming the venue I had found earlier online was still available for the date - everyone was informed...

I used to locate venues in our desired area and narrowed it down to a couple online, once we confirmed the date, we set time to visit the venue before putting the deposit down.

We went to see the venue on my birthday, a couple of months later than when the wedding will be...but we fell in love, it is perfect!!

Next I set about planning a list of what to do to plan the wedding...


- Style
- Location
- Vows
- Registrar
- Civil/Religious
- Registering
- Disco
- Band
- Fireworks
- Games
- Magician
- Doves
- What style dress suits you?
- Flower girls
- If you have a sister do you have to make her BOH?
*Bridal party
- Save the date
- Invites
- Name cards
- Seating plan
- Favors
- Order of Service
- Gifts
- Master of ceremony's
*Hen Do
*Stag Do
*Wedding Presents
*Guest list
- Do you include children?
- Should you invite family members you never see?
- Receiving line
- old, new, borrowed, blue
- is it acceptable?
- taboos/bad luck
- what if?
*Extra - unique ideas

I will provide links to sources I have used, ratings, Q&A and  my experiences as we get closer to the dates!  As the one thing that I have found missing in the process is someone reliable to ask all these questions to, my mum is from a different generation and has a very different style to me, my girlfriends are all unmarried and probably sick of 'what you think of this' every 5 minutes...

Please get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions for me, it would be great to recieve them.

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