Thursday, 16 December 2010

GET THE LOOK - Feather Fever Wedding

Lately I've been hearing a lot about feathers being featured heavily in weddings - the theme, in the dress, in the bouquet... I thought I should have a look at the options!

Believe it or not, feathers are making a serious comeback when it comes to wedding style and if you are a bride who wishes to make a statement, then base your wedding theme on feathers and you won't go wrong.
The best way to get maximum impact is to go for a pure white wedding theme filled with bundles of pure white feathers. These can be used in bouquets, on the wedding cake, in hairstyles, attached to napkins and favour boxes and even scattered on tables! And don't think you can go overboard with feathers, especially if you are sticking to one colour, or maybe 2 colours depending on their shades. So, if you wanted to introduce some baby blue or baby pink feathers to the white, that would look fine. But, if your colour theme is green and you want to start adding orange feathers, this could end up looking gowdy. If your colour theme is more exotic in nature, best to stick to just one colour of feather and make this your only accessory - no scattered petals or foil confetti on tables, keep floral arrangements simple and ensure shoes and jewellery are plain and unfussy.
Feathers are making such a come back because a feather themed wedding really brings purity, love and romance back into a wedding day. By nature, feathers are gentle, soft and warm - just like the perfect marriage. They represent peace and purity which forms the great basis of a wedding theme. Even as early as the wedding invitation stage, why not send guests arty invitations finished with a simple feather? This will give them a taste of things to come. Then, when it comes to the big day itself, it's up to you how far you want to carry the theme. Personally, I feel that feathers entwined with floral bouquets, soft marabou feathers in hairstyles and plenty of loose feathers for use around the reception rooms is adequate. When it comes to feathers, less is most definitely more!
When it comes to the wedding cake, if you are going for a pure and simple theme, ask for your cake decorator to ice the cake simply. Why not go for a pure white iced wedding cake scattered with feathers to match your theme? So, if your theme is baby pink and white, locate a scattering of soft marabou feathers in pink and white across the cake. Keep some spare for scattering around the cake table. Ensure the theme is continued on the guest tables and scatter more of the feathers around crisp white table linen. If you are having central floral arrangements, speak with your florist and see if feather sprays can be inserted into the arrangements. It might be a good idea to show her what you mean first, so that it's in keeping with your other design ideas.
To complete the look, fill delicious favour boxes with yummy favour fillings to complement your theme. Top them off with a simple feather decoration and simple favour tag. Name the tags and these will make stunning place settings for your guests! -

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