Friday, 3 December 2010

Next Steps...

In exactly 9 months today I will be getting married!  My next steps in the wedding planning business is the dress, then I can confirm the colours and start on the bridesmaids... But until the dresses is decided upon (which I think will take until the end of December - if not longer), I am going to use this time to collect decorations I know I want.

Candles - large church candles that we will place around the venue
Large glass jars - for the candles and flowers

I've decided to go with DIY flowers, sourcing a local wholesale flower market, I'll order them in advance then pick them up the day before (fortunately the venue we have hired I get the run of the place from the Thursday night before hand)... then we'll set the flowers up on the day of the wedding as the ceremony doesn't get going until 3.30 pm.

We are also having home made bunting - which I love for cheap, easy and colourful decoration - my mum has offered to make this, so on my return at Christmas we'll go shopping for materials... she will need to make about 200 meters though!!

Not sure what other decorations to have at this point - we are going for a low key, relaxed, family feel 'party' rather than wedding as both my H2B and myself are a little intimidated by the whole commitment thing, and I am not a fan of 'stiff' stressful weddings - I want the day to be about the MARRIAGE and creating our own family, not the WEDDING!  (Hope that make sense)

If you have any decoration ideas please tweet me @bride2bride

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