Monday, 31 January 2011

GET THE LOOK - Spring Themed Wedding

We'll we only have a month left until we hit spring 2011!  So we should definitely give those brides with only a few months left some final inspiration, and any newly engaged brides to be inspiration for a spring 2012 wedding!

Pastel colours - pink/yellow/lilac/blue & green
Outside settings
Butterflies/flower theme wedding


Let me entertain you!

What to do, what to do?  So have you decided what entertainment you will have at your wedding?  I have a whole list:

Face-in-the-hole board, with instant camera (next to the guest book)
Marshmallows to roast on the open fire
Fireworks - classic (with sparklers)
Live bands (locally sourced : ))
iPod disco (glow sticks)
Coconut shy
Ring toss
B&G quiz
Board games

Does anyone have any other suggestions, we are going to a fun fair/village fete themed wedding?!  Get in touch @bride2bride

GET THE LOOK - Gothic Wedding Theme

I love Gothic buildings, and I love movies set with Gothic tones so I am sure there are brides to be out there who would love a Gothic themed wedding!

Black/Grey/White Colours
Bates/ Blood
Old crumbling venue
Candle light
Autumn would be a good season

Black&white gothic wedding theme

Black wedding flowers/bouquet

Gothic wedding stationery

GET THE LOOK - Music Themed Wedding

Music is an important part of any wedding, we all love a boogie to some vintage retro tunes late into the night.  Some couples prefer a live band to a DJ, other enjoy a  classic strings during the ceremony. 

For our wedding the venue prefers live bands to DJ's so we are looking at using local bands, I would love a jazz band/swing band and then plugging in the iPod for the retro tunes later in the night!

Well why not take this theme that one step further and make the whole day music related... you could include a singer during the ceremony?  Music notes on the wedding stationery, cream,white and black colour theme.  Or you could make it more like a concert...

The Wedding Singer - no wedding is compete without!

Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday Fun! Hello Kitty Themed Wedding

Here at Your Wedding Support we like to have a little bit of fun on Friday's - because wedding planning can get a little stressful.

For the last post of today, and keeping in theme - welcome to Hello Kitty Themed Weddings!

And for after the wedding!

GET THE LOOK - Equestrian Themed Wedding

Well as today I seem to be posting about animal themed wedding I thought lets continue with horse themed weddings, first I was thinking the more grown up theme on a ranch, riding horse back from the ceremony, horse shoe for luck charms, cow boy boots - but then my little pony entered my head!

GET THE LOOK - Fish Themed Wedding

Not the most romantic sounding wedding theme I will admit, maybe one for the boys more... mermaids, fishing rods, aqua and orange colour theme, fishy wedding breakfast, and of course fishtail wedding dress - the best shape for most brides!!

Australia Fashion Week - Mermaid themed wedding dresses

Ocean themed wedding breakfast

Fish and chips wedding breakfast

Fish themed wedding band - from $1345 - 4995

Justin Alexander fish tale wedding dress
(I tired this one, it is fantastic - my boobs weren't big enough to fill the top out though)