Friday, 21 January 2011

GET THE LOOK - 'Green' Eco Wedding (part 2)

For an Eco 'green' wedding, you need to ensure that as much of the stuff you include within your wedding is fair trade/ethically sourced (i.e. wedding dress/bridesmaid dresses), locally sources (not flown in from 100 miles away when someone down the road can do it), in season and not likely to burn a whole in the ozone layer!

A fantastic Eco wedding favour would be a plant/tree, this way you are helping to reduce the carbon foot print.  Make your own decorations/invitations - recycle items from friends weddings.  Ask your caterer to use in season locally sourced food- creating a unique wedding menu!!

One great benefit to an Eco wedding, yes it may cost you a little more, but it benefits us all in the long run!  Is that this theme definitely helps with the retro/vintage village feta themed weddings that will be a big hit in 2011 : )

Green Wedding Sites!

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