Wednesday, 5 January 2011

GET THE LOOK - Nautical Themed Wedding

I promise, last beach/seaside/water/shell/nautical themed wedding... tomorrow I will shake it up a bit more, but you need to know all the options before going for a theme, otherwise you might change thought patterns half way through - and that is never good!

Out of all today's post I think 'nautical' is my fave, other than the jewellery... but then I am a girl who loves her bling : )

Colour scheme - blue and white, occasional red/ stripes/ notes/ rope

Blue & White Stripes

Nautical Wedding Invite

Wedding on a boat?  Just don't get sea sick...

Yellow & Blue Nautical themed wedding


  1. Please tell me where I can find the pink bridesmaids dresses with the cream colored sash?

    1. Hi,