Tuesday, 1 February 2011


I have had some wonderful news today and would love to share with the world because I am so happy for them but I have been sworn to secrecy!

So instead I decided lets look at the most unusual places/ways to get engaged (be proposed to)!

1.  While skydiving, pop the question in the air.
2.  Place your words on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus
3.  Hire a plane and have it trail a banner with you words as it flies. Make sure you and your Lady are walking so you will see it together.
4.  Write it in the sand at the beach.
5.  Announce it over the loud speaker at a local football game or ask the pilot on a flight
6.  Buy two tickets to a concert and request an announcement be made on your behalf.
7. Have her go on a scavenger hunt with the end being a note of proposal.
8. Write it in alphabet spaghetti
9. Bake a cake with "Will you marry me" on the top. Bring it where she works.
10. Buy a tee shirt and print your message on it with magic markers. Wear it until she reads and responds.
11. Make a video with your proposal to her and play it like it is a movie from Block Buster.
12. Shave "Will you marry me" into your back hair.

In lights?

Victorian sewer proposal

In Scrabble letter


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