Thursday, 31 March 2011

Spa Day! MOH's Birthday

On Monday, it was my MOH's birthday so we took the day of work and went for a facial and hot stone back massage at a Spa in Maida Vale (West London).

We started with the hot stone back massage, it was great, lasted about 30 mins and I feel a lots less tension in my shoulder now.  Got to be honest though I couldn't help giggling most of the time, being naked in front of strangers (specially if they are touching me) makes me nervous!

Next we moved on to the facial which lasted almost an hour... she cleansed, steamed, scrubbed, rubbed, and more - at first my skin didn't look much different and I expected to have a break out!  But 3 days later and having a terrible cold my skin is looking rather good, nice and smooth!

After we had finished at the spa we went for lunch down the road, re applied our make up and headed to our next stop.  We were booked in for champagne and truffles at a tea room in Highbury, but when we arrived the manager in formed us they had no champagne and didn't have a reasonable replacement!  This was very disappointing, but with the weather outside actually warm and sunny for a change we head to London's South Bank and had a few drinks at the BFI... where I found my new summer drink 'Crabbie's Ginger Beer'!

Both the above deals were found at Groupon! 

Friday, 25 March 2011

Wedding Shoes

If your not a handbag girl your a shoe girls, or both, me I am a self confessed shoe addict.  Thankfully I don't have the money, or lifestyle to afford designer shoes all the time... but I can look!

High Heels - Rounded Toe

'Cinderella' £95.00

Christian Louboutin

High Heels - Pointy Toe
Versace £355

Peep Toe
Christian Louboutin

Marco Jacobs


Dune £110.00


Giuseppe Zanotti £1010


Miu Miu £355

Topshop £65 
Topshop £90
Topshop £65

GET THE LOOK - Robin's Egg Blue Wedding Theme

Did your ring come in a Tiffany box, robin's egg blue with a crisp white ribbon?  Do you want to transfer those colours into your wedding day and celebrate that magically moment you both decided to become Mr & Mrs!

GET THE LOOK - Egg Themed Wedding

With Easter on the approach and chocolate eggs at every turn I couldn't not be inspired to blog about egg themed weddings!

Egg shell seating plan

Easter Egg themed wedding

Duck Egg Theme Wedding

Egg invitations - Love these


Wedding Accessories

So you've found the prefer dress, and now need to finish it off with a few accessories... this is a time to remember Coco Channel 'less is more'.  Don't get carried away and go for  bit of everything, keep it classic and simple where possible otherwise you distract from you beautiful dress.

Bridal accessories range from bags, veils, jewellery, shoes, gloves and more - certain items are a must, such as shoes!  Other depend on what look you are trying to achieve..

Top Bridal/Wedding Bags (Draw sting/ Clutch/ handbag or purse)


Oscar de la Renta

Top Bridal/Wedding Shoes - there are so many options for this I think it would be best to dedicate a separate post to them, classic, flats, high, designer, coloured... endless!

Top Bridal/Wedding Jewellery - again there are to many things to cover in this one post so I'll dedicate yet another post to wedding jewellery.

Top Bridal/Wedding hair pieces/veils - great many different choices, hair pieces (clips, slides, fascinators), hats, tiaras or veils (check out my previous post

Other Bridal/Wedding accessories - gloves, lingerie, wraps & cover ups (see my previous post for lingerie, garter belts and wraps:

Gloves - lace, silk, long short, finger less, white, coloured...

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Elizabeth Taylor - An Icon!

Elizabeth Taylor was a icon for many people in many ways, for me, she was an icon for always believing in LOVE right to the end and she was never afraid to 'put a ring on it'...  Her first, third and fifth dresses were my faves!

1. Conrad Hilton Jr 1950 - 51

2. Michael Wilding 1952 - 57

3. Mike Todd 1957 - 58

4. Eddie Fisher 1959 - 64

5. Richard Burton 1964 - 74 & 1975 - 76

6. John Warner 1976 - 82

7. Larry Fortensky 1991 - 96

GET THE LOOK - Olympic Themed Wedding

As I am an East Londoner nowadays the Olympics has a big impact on my day to day - weekly tube closures due to expansion and renovation... I take a walk to the big Tesco's down the road and I can see the Olympic site with all its crane and lights!!

You should all know me by now, this calls for a Olympic themed wedding posts!