Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Freaking Out!

So there is now less than 6 months to the wedding, we've been engaged for almost a year and its hit me...

I will be married, someones wife and if I am honest its freaking me out a little.  I wont be me, I'll be someone new and yes I could look at that positively, but I like me!

I guess this is why I knew a quick running away wedding would suit me more, less time for my irrational mind to fester and create reasons that this is not a good idea (plus I am rather tight when it comes to spending money), but the H2B wouldn't go for a quickie as the MIL wouldn't be VERY happy that she missed her first born's big day!

I've barely got anything done... and H2B isn't exactly helping, even though we are doing it his way and it's starting to p*ss me off : (

I am just being a total bridezilla?  What to do, what to do? HELP.

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