Friday, 25 March 2011

Wedding Accessories

So you've found the prefer dress, and now need to finish it off with a few accessories... this is a time to remember Coco Channel 'less is more'.  Don't get carried away and go for  bit of everything, keep it classic and simple where possible otherwise you distract from you beautiful dress.

Bridal accessories range from bags, veils, jewellery, shoes, gloves and more - certain items are a must, such as shoes!  Other depend on what look you are trying to achieve..

Top Bridal/Wedding Bags (Draw sting/ Clutch/ handbag or purse)


Oscar de la Renta

Top Bridal/Wedding Shoes - there are so many options for this I think it would be best to dedicate a separate post to them, classic, flats, high, designer, coloured... endless!

Top Bridal/Wedding Jewellery - again there are to many things to cover in this one post so I'll dedicate yet another post to wedding jewellery.

Top Bridal/Wedding hair pieces/veils - great many different choices, hair pieces (clips, slides, fascinators), hats, tiaras or veils (check out my previous post

Other Bridal/Wedding accessories - gloves, lingerie, wraps & cover ups (see my previous post for lingerie, garter belts and wraps:

Gloves - lace, silk, long short, finger less, white, coloured...

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