Monday, 21 March 2011

Wedding Planning - V2.0

So as I mentioned earlier, due to complications I now only have 5 months to plan the wedding - which if I am honest is more suited to me... gives me less time to stress and worry, the wedding can be as small and intimate as I want, and cheap as chips : )

So far we have the wedding venue booked, the photographer on hold and registrar confirmed. My H2B think's we should wait a little longer and change the date... but the 3rd of September is OUR wedding day to me now!!

I think I am going to make this wedding a lot smaller - just family and close friends... maybe 30 people, big dinner around one table, home made cakes, bunting and wild flowers...

I am going to get my dress and bridesmaid (just one) my sister a dress of the high street!  Flowers will make on the day from the table decoration flowers...

What I would still like:

Marshmallows by the fire place
Instant camera
Good shoes
Theme - none, just relaxed family fun!

To do, like, yesterday:

Guest list

If you can think of something I am missing please let me know... I am going to need all the help I can get  : )

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