Thursday, 14 April 2011

Achieving Natural Beauty - Wedding Day Make Up

These are my top tips on how to achieve that 'natural' beauty look on the big day by yourself if you don't want or can't afford a make up artist.

"Less is more", a phrase from the 1855 poem Andrea del Sarto (the faultless painter) by Robert Browning

Start with the basics - wash your face with warm water, use which ever face wash/scrub you use daily (don't try a new one before or on the big day - you don't know how your skin will react); I use Neutrogena. 

Remove any black heads with strips or my mum taught me a good trick - use a Kirby grip and run its a long the black head prone area (removes unwanted lumps and bumps: just don't be to rough).

Pluck eyebrows of any stragglers!

Start with the foundations... the best routine for the natural look I have found is as follows:

  1. Bronzer
  2. Concealer - under eyes and on any uneven skin tones (don't use a foundation)
  3. Eye liner - use this to fill out your eye brows (fuller eye brows are a sign of youth)
  4. Cheek stain - high on the apple of your cheek, using a stain lasts longer so you wont need to reapply.  Use a soft sponge to apply
  5. Mascara - use your favoured mascara; full thick lashes are what we are looking to achieve, start at the bottom and run the full length of your lash (for an even more natural look just cover the top lashes - this also helps if you cry)
  6. Lip balm - then a lip tint/stain in your colour
Brands I use
Avon Bronzing Pearls


Max Factor Kohl Eyeliner

Superdrugs 2true cheek and lip stain

Max Factor mascara

Max Factor lip tint (in four colours)

6 simple steps and your done!

Dove 'Real Beauty'

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