Wednesday, 6 April 2011

GET THE LOOK - Pool Party Wedding

With the lovely sunshine outside my office window all I can think about is being in the pool... (I admit its probably not hot enough for that, but a girl can day dream)!

There are a couple of must haves for a Pool Party Themed Wedding:

1. Pool and outside wedding
2. Tables around the pool
3. Pool decorated with candles, balloons, flowers and more
4. End of day photo of bridal party jumping into the water

I know they don't necessarily go together but neither did Naked Themed Weddings and Naked Wedding Cakes - but I made it work...

So since we are talking about Pool Party Themed Wedding, it only seems right that the bride would wear a Kenneth Pool dress... followed by an itsy bitsy bikini!

Kenneth Pool has a large collection of dresses so I have just picked my favourites of his current collection - find more at:

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