Friday, 15 April 2011

Movie Review - Submarine

I Went to see Submarine last week at the Curzon Soho in London... Written and Directed by IT Crowds Richard Ayoade.

This is a tale of teenage love, and for a teenage movie it is very good - reminded me of being that age again and how love in those days is so much more than when you grown up!

The other great aspect to this film is the comedy - it is FUNNY, acclaimed as the next big break for British movies, destine to receive many awards you'd think this is a movie for the artist.  Thankfully it is not, it is one for the masses.  The ending could have been better and there should have been less camera tricks but all in all I give Submarine 4 out of 5*.  Mostly for the acting and story line.

Oh and another thing to point out - if you are an Artic Monkey's fan Alex Turner did the sound track... I'll let you decided on that.

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