Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wedding Speech - need a helping hand?

Father of the Bride Speech
Traditionally the bride's father speaks first.
  • Introduce yourself and welcome everyone
  • Thank everyone involved in making the wedding happen
  • Talk about your daughter, share any stories from when she was younger
  • Talk about the groom and welcome him into your family
  • Give a toast to the happy couple and their future together - you may want to add some words of wisdom from your own experience of being married.
The Groom's Speech
The groom traditionally speaks next and begins with thanking everyone for coming, especially those who have traveled long distances.
  • You may want to thank the bride's parents for raising such a wonderful daughter
  • Thank the important people involved in organizing the wedding
  • Compliment your bride with some affectionate words
  • Toast the bridesmaids
  • Thank your best man for coming and say a few words about him - remember he is going to be making some friendly digs at you, so this is your chance to say something first
If the bride isn't making a speech, then remember to speak on behalf of her, such as when you thank people. If she does want to say a few words, she can follow after the groom's speech.
The Best Man Speech
The best man is traditionally the last speech and tends to be the more humorous or adventurous speech given. It is expected that the stories or jokes will be at the groom's expense, but not in a rude or offensive way.
  • Thank the groom for asking you to be his best man
  • Share a couple of funny stories about the groom
  • You could also talk about the bride if you know her well or tell a story about the bride and groom as a couple
  • Read out any telegrams from people who weren't able to attend
  • Make a toast to the happy couple
This is the traditional order for wedding speeches, however these days many weddings have both sets of parents making speeches and often the bride and maid of honor will say a few words.

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