Thursday, 26 May 2011

The 'Other' Wedding

So this weekend H2B's cousin and W2B get hitched back home in the three counties of Worcestershire!  They have been together about 6 months less than H2B and me, they got engaged 3 months after we did on a weekend away.. one evening tucked up in bed in their caravan she was reading the cross word puzzle when he pulled out a vintage ring and asked for her hand in marriage!!

She set the date immediately May 29th 2011 (giving them 9 months to plan) - she had bough the dress within a week of being engaged, with only 4 months to go they had no venue, and guest list of exceeding 300!

Since H2B and I felt out over Christmas and had sometime apart I was removed from the guest list... so I wont be going back home this weekend for the wedding.  But to be honest, I'm not to bothered.  I was really p*ssed off when they set their date for when we had been considering... then we I wanted to talk about our wedding and set the date for 6 months later all I got was an ear full from H2B about 'was that to close to their date, am I trying to steal their thunder'!?  (He needed a punch in the chops at that moment I tell you).

Is this something all brides to be feel... annoyance, jealousy and thunder stealing when another family member or close friend get engaged or sets the date to close to your own?

There is a great episode of Friends when Monika and Chandler get engaged and Rachel makes out with Ross... this is a classic case of bridal envy!

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