Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Royal Wedding Review

So it's been just under a week since Prince William and Kate Middleton took the next step and became 'Duke & Duchess of Cambridge' aka husband and wife : ) 

They have also been given the title's Earl and Countess of Strathearn, and Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus.

So the day started early with guests arriving at Westminster Abbey from 8.15 am, Prince William and Harry arrived just after 10 am and waiting 'excitely' for Kate and her father to arrive at 11 am.

Watching from home with my mum, sister, sister in law (to be) and brother, the wait to see the dress was the most tense... then there she appear a blur of white, we could only just catch a glimpse of the top of the dress - VERY Grace Kelly... and who was the women helping get her into the car?  Turns out to be Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen and the dress; WAS AMAZING.  Not  what I would pick, but fit for a princess and suited her perfectly.

Next there was MOH Pippa, didn't she look fantastic, and I am sure Kate didn't mind that people accused Pippa of stealing the show, as we all know that she just added to the day!

During the ceremony Kate and Will exchange loving looks and Will even struggle to get the ring on....

The next step was leaving the Abbey and heading back to Buckingham Palace... and it was great, big smiles from all the bridal party and cheers and waves from the crowds.

At 1.35 pm the family appear on Buckingham Palace for 'the kiss' and luckily we got two, and a coupe of cute moments from the younger bridesmaids.

But if you thought that was the end you were wrong, at 3.30 pm both Will and Kate appear in a vintage Aston Martin (belonging to Prince Charles) to drive down Pal Mal to Clarence House - with Just Wed number plate, balloons and ribbons - so down to earth!

Our final glimpse of the couple on their wedding day came at 7.30 pm when they left Clarence House for the evening reception - Kate wearing another Alexander McQueen dress!!

Guest included the Royal Family, Middleton Family, Head of State and celebrities such as David and Victoria Beckham - they are both so super hot!

Kate Middleton entering Westminster Abbey with her father and MOH Pippa!

Will struggle with the ring - Kate must have been a little hot...

The newly wed couple leave in an open top carridge

The second balcony kiss - and two troubled bridemaids (the noise was to much for their little ears)

Will drives new wife Catherine (aka Kate) to Clarence House for a quick change!

Duchess of Cambridge - Catherine in her second McQueen dress of the day

More than a million people turned out on London street to watch the wedding, and 75 million watched from home... the UK was filled with street party for the rest of the afternoon.

Will and Catherine left Buckingham Palace on Saturday 30th April for a short weekend mini moon before William had to return to work after the bank holiday - they will have a full honeymoon later in the year!

Looking lovely - and holding hands, which we don't see very often

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