Thursday, 2 June 2011

First time Auntie!

So it turns out I am going to be an auntie in October, my little sister (who is only a child herself) is having a baby.. can't say I am completely on board yet but as my family keep saying she's made her choice and I should just support that.

This may sound really selfish but what if I don't want to support her choice, should I anyway?  My issue is she is young, has never worked a day in her life and I don't like the idea of her living of the state for the rest of her life... and what standard will that set for her baby?

Am I projecting my own fears on to her... or am I just being someone with slightly more life experience?

When I typed into Google 'first time auntie' most of the websites that came up were for 'how to be a good aunt' and 'what presents to buy'!  Then I found this one, hopefully someone else has felt the same as me and can tell me whether I am being OTT or that I am allowed to feel this way, and that I should support her choice but that doesn't mean I should have to support her.

I'm not religious, but it has good sentiment!

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