Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The Wedding that never was...

Today is August 3rd, which means if H2B and me were still together there would only be a month to go until the big day... and I would be freaking out big time about what hasn't been done and what is still to do.

Looking at the silver lining, I am very relaxed today and enjoying the lovely weather : )  Below are the plans, as far as we had got before we called it off...

So I am a little behind if I am honest in this whole planning 'the' wedding, I've got a little over excited by themes!

We'll we've decided to change our wedding due to a little falling out earlier in the year... and I am hoping we can still get married this year before our marriage licence runs out (Sep 3rd 2011).  If not I guess it will be next year.  Thankfully postponing has a silver lining, I can have the wedding the way I want it, not the way the families would like it!

It's going to be, most likely, just the two of us eloping to some remote, romantic get away... UK based!  Or a small, immediate family only (and I mean parents, siblings and their partners) get together - low key, cheap but with style.

We had booked Penhros Court as our wedding venue, in Herefordshire, confirmed the photographer Katch22, and I had found the dress I wanted a high street bargin :)

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