Friday, 16 September 2011

Ice Cream Bouquets

All I have to say is om nom nom...

Don't fancy a traditional bouquet, and the alternatives out there just aren't doing it for you?  Looking for a cheap dessert, but want the wow factor?  This is it... try the ice cream flower.

I know its not really a flower bouquet... but its ice cream pretending to be a plant pot, when is that not cool!?

GET THE LOOK - Scrabble Themed Wedding

Who doesn't love a board game?  Remember those days as a child playing board games with your family around the table in the dark winters evening... when i was little and my brother and I had been naughty our mum would send us to our rooms, thankfully our rooms were next to each other and we'd put a board game between the door ways and play... technically we weren't breaking the rules either an being out of our rooms : )

How about recapturing your childhood, with a scrabble inspired wedding day.  Letters are obviously the main requirement and they can be everywhere... cake, invites, table plan, bouquet, decorations, gifts...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

GET THE LOOK - Tissue Paper Wedding Theme

Yes, I will admit this is really pushing it to find a theme... but we will!  This theme was inspired by the tissue paper I used to wrap a new baby gift with the other day, a vintage Lefray Bear!!  I was not expecting it to be such a great and clear choice for a wedding theme... cheap, fun and DIY wedding.

You can use tissue paper in the invites, for the flowers, for the decorations, for the lighting and for even the dress (maybe not though)!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Wedding Favours - Fortune Cookies!

Fortune Cookies, good for a couple of things... one to propose with!  Or as a wedding favour, just hope they all have good fortunes, can even get them personalised.

GET THE LOOK - Lottery Themed Wedding

So as I woke this morning and checked the results from last nights Euro millions (£140m) jackpot and realised I hadn't won... again, it inspired today's theme.  In the adverts the are always saying 'It could be you', well for this wedding it is you!

Lottery ticket/scratch cards great for favours... Lottery ticket/scratch cards great for save the dates and invitations.  Lots of bright colours, balls, and it could be you signs for decoration... and bingo for entertainment!!

Monday, 12 September 2011

GET THE LOOK - Zoo Themed Wedding

Not sure where this idea came from... but its one we've not considered yet, a zoo themed wedding.  Great location, a zoo!

ZOO Venues in the UK you can hire for weddings:
Bristol Zoo
ZSL Whipsnade
ZSL London
Chester Zoo
Tycross Zoo
Paignton Zoo
Plus many more...

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My None Wedding Celebrations!

If you have been following my blog for a while you'll know by now that me and my H2B were due to get married this Saturday just past Sept 3rd, but sadly we went our separate ways in June and the wedding was cancelled!

So that I wouldn't feel to sad about my none wedding day, the gals took me out and we went to Dalston, East London to The Alibi, where we go most weekends... its a great place, no entrance fee, good music and 'cool' people!

This Saturday was one of 'those', firstly dinner had to be relocated to our flat, then on the bus up to Dalston some man (who had just got out of Hackney nick) started a fight with us, telling us we were spoilt little country girls just because of the way we spoke... I made the girls move to the front of the bus and tell the driver when the man started hitting the seat : O

Then when we were in The Alibi for a change they had a retro night with amazing music, we danced our little butts of... and got very hot and sweaty!  But the best part of the night was when we went upstairs for some air, and a bride, groom and wedding party arrived in full dress... How ironic is that?

*sorry it's sidewards - blogger keeps changing it!

The hardest kiss is not the first, but the last - Paul Geraldy

Friday, 2 September 2011

Engagement Rings

I love vintage!!  Special vintage jewellery, and as you will have seen in one of my earliest post the engagement ring my ex H2B bought me was a lovely platinum band, with a 1.4 ct 1880's old cut diamond with 0.4 carat either side in 3 stones...

If you too, are a lover of vintage here are a couple of beautiful rings I've found online; and I am going to be honest I like my diamond big... but below are rings varying in price!


Superb 1.75ct Old Cut Diamond 18ct Trilogy Ring


Great places to buy vintage jewellery - Grey's Antique Market near Bond St London, and online Laurelle Limited or Friar House.  Back in my home town I remember always walking past the window of the antique shop with all the fabulous rings in the window - Andrew Lamputt.