Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My None Wedding Celebrations!

If you have been following my blog for a while you'll know by now that me and my H2B were due to get married this Saturday just past Sept 3rd, but sadly we went our separate ways in June and the wedding was cancelled!

So that I wouldn't feel to sad about my none wedding day, the gals took me out and we went to Dalston, East London to The Alibi, where we go most weekends... its a great place, no entrance fee, good music and 'cool' people!

This Saturday was one of 'those', firstly dinner had to be relocated to our flat, then on the bus up to Dalston some man (who had just got out of Hackney nick) started a fight with us, telling us we were spoilt little country girls just because of the way we spoke... I made the girls move to the front of the bus and tell the driver when the man started hitting the seat : O

Then when we were in The Alibi for a change they had a retro night with amazing music, we danced our little butts of... and got very hot and sweaty!  But the best part of the night was when we went upstairs for some air, and a bride, groom and wedding party arrived in full dress... How ironic is that?

*sorry it's sidewards - blogger keeps changing it!

The hardest kiss is not the first, but the last - Paul Geraldy

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