Friday, 27 January 2012

Ice Cream Cone Wedding Cake

I am ready to admit, I might have a sugar addiction... As of tomorrow I will be cutting it out, fingers crossed!  Whilst I am still allowed to indulge how about one of these beautiful cakes for an alternative wedding cake...?

The ultimate Ice Cream Cone Wedding Cakes, in all the ways you could possibly imagine... and then some more ; )

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Alternative Wedding Cake - Doughnuts

If you brides to be hadn't noticed lately I've taken up a passion for doughnuts... here is an alternative to the traditional wedding cake.. the doughnut tower (once featured on BBC 3's Don't Tell the Bride)!!

Easy, pretty cheap (can be done on a budget)... and who doesn't love a doughnut?  The prefect wedding cake!

GET THE LOOK - Doughnut Themed Wedding

Mmm, so on the weekend my house mates I went to the Ice Sculpture Festival down in Canary Wharf, London... sadly it was very disappointing and on the way home we decided to have a feast of cake, ice cream, sweets and doughnuts...

As it happens my Dad bought me a doughnut maker a few years ago, and its not been used much lately... but since Saturday afternoon wow... I am a doughnut making machine!  Tiny ring doughnuts, liberally covered in a sugar and cinnamon powder... YUMMMM

And if you hadn't noticed already... for someone who is on a January Detox a lot of my posts have been about food...Here is my take on a doughnut themed wedding!  (oh my just looking at the pics is killing me)

Freshly made doughnuts at the reception?

Doughnut holes!!

Doughnut favours @

Maybe a step to far... but wedding in a doughnut shop?

Doughnut themed wedding cakes... look out for my post of them alone!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Martin Luther King

As yesterday was Martin Luther King day in the USA to celebrate the great man that was,_Jr._Day!

Here are a few pics from his wedding day in 1953 to Coretta Scott King!

GET THE LOOK - January Blues Themed Wedding

This time last year I was invited to a January Blues party... to help everyone get over the come down of the dark winter months.

The theme was Blues, everyone wore blue clothing... the was blues music, blue drinks, blue decorations, blue food etc.  Here is my take on a January Blues themed wedding : )

Friday, 13 January 2012

2012 - the NEW treat!

2011 was the year of the cupcake and all its cuteness... small, medium or large... they came in every colour, flavour and design... boutique, independent shops popped up here there and everywhere.  Followed quickly by domestic goddess class on how to create the puuuuurrrrrrffffeeeecccctttt cupcake!

2012 is all about the marshmallow.. how fancy can you get, the tiny treat great for wedding guest... ditch the sugared almonds in place of some darling marshmallows!

Pete's Gourmet Confections -

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year! 2012

Hello everyone, and welcome back!  Did we all have a good Christmas and a lovely New Years?

I spent a good 10 days back home in Herefordshire with my family, was great to spend time with my new nephew... he is AMAZING.  Sadly though my Nan passed away on December 16th, and the funeral was held December 30th : (

Brenda Broad was not old at 71.... she had lived a good life though, and went in the best way possible, she was happy and loved.  We will miss her dearly.  27.03.1940 - 16.12-2011