Thursday, 19 January 2012

GET THE LOOK - Doughnut Themed Wedding

Mmm, so on the weekend my house mates I went to the Ice Sculpture Festival down in Canary Wharf, London... sadly it was very disappointing and on the way home we decided to have a feast of cake, ice cream, sweets and doughnuts...

As it happens my Dad bought me a doughnut maker a few years ago, and its not been used much lately... but since Saturday afternoon wow... I am a doughnut making machine!  Tiny ring doughnuts, liberally covered in a sugar and cinnamon powder... YUMMMM

And if you hadn't noticed already... for someone who is on a January Detox a lot of my posts have been about food...Here is my take on a doughnut themed wedding!  (oh my just looking at the pics is killing me)

Freshly made doughnuts at the reception?

Doughnut holes!!

Doughnut favours @

Maybe a step to far... but wedding in a doughnut shop?

Doughnut themed wedding cakes... look out for my post of them alone!

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