Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tell me what you want?

Do you have any theme suggestions for Weddings... or any wedding related blog's I can put together?  I like to keep my audience happy... let me hear your suggestions?

All about the Groom... finishing details!

I've been feeling lately I've maybe not given enough posts to the Grooms... us ladies tend to get swept up in the whole wedding excitement and forget about the man in our life, they too want to feel part of the big day and if they don't enjoy planning the main points giving them small parts can bring you both together!

So today I am covering of the man accessories...

Tie, cravat or Dickie bow
Cuff links

There are lots to be considered here as each of the above items breaks into more detailed...

Ties... what kind of knot, skinny/fat, vintage/modern, coloured or not?
Cravat - hmm, well this is a yes or a no.
Dickie Bow - I love these, in all there forms, smart (James Bond/ red carpet style) or vintage/ East London esq
Handkerchief... should usually match the colour of other accessories, but not necessary, don't over kill.  As Coco Channel once said remove the last item you put on!
Cummerbund... classic or retro, great for adding colour if you are in a simple suit
Waistcoat - again classic or retro... depending on how you style it, a simple colour to match the theme of the day, or a wacky out there one for more of a relaxed casual day

Hats... top hat, bowler, gangster... this is not an accessory I would push for a groom or grooms men.  Depends on the theme of your big day?  This is the same for canes.

Socks - us gals like to add a dash of colour to our beautiful wedding dress with a coloured shoe, you can add some colour and define the grooms men with a patterned sock... always good for photos and bring a smile to faces.

Cuff links - not always a must have, depends on the shirt type, can be simple, a wedding gift from your soon to be wife, a romantic gesture to your future wife with your names and date?

Friday, 17 February 2012

Cinderella's Glass Slipper... Wedding Shoes!

If you can't afford to have an expensive wedding, as not all of us can afford to, especially in the current financial climate... if you are going to buy one extravagant items, how about shoes!

You can wear them afterwards, they always add a touch of glamour... and who doesn't want to feel like a princess on their wedding day?

Below are my top choices - all can be found at Net A Porter

Thursday, 16 February 2012

GET THE LOOK - Great Gatsby Themed Wedding

2012 S/S and I am sure A/W is all about the drop waist, Great Gatsby look... here how to get the Great Gatsby themed wedding!  Very Kate Moss.

This is defo the look I was trying to achieve for my wedding that didn't happen... next time and now I have a name to give it : )

This post has inspired me to pick up a copy on the way home tonight!

We all know how much I love nail art!

It's all about hats, drop waist, flapper gals, prohibition, silks and suits!

Monday, 13 February 2012

Last minute Valentine...

Want a funny way to propose, feeling like she/he's the one and tomorrow is a great time to make that promise and set a wedding date?

Here are a few novel ideas on how to ask that special person to marry you:

Be the last piece to my puzzle... £420.00

Cookie £25.00

Or go for the traditional 'Marry Me' Loveheart?

Lush bath bomb - limited edition

Friday, 10 February 2012

Devils in the details... Wedding Dress 2012/2013

It's all about lace and detailing for autumn winter 2012 and spring summer 2013 for wedding dress... there is still an emphasis on the romantic, eclectic vintage esq styles!  The late 20's / 30's something crowd are really embrassing the old which has filtered down into every aspect of our daily lives.

When will a 'new' trend come along... not that I don't like these, I'd just like to see what they come up with?

I'd really like to see more colour in wedding dress... against the grain I know... but I'm really loving these pastel shades on the fashion catwalks!!


One of my faves - Justin Alexander

Romona Keveza -

Marchesa -

Elie Saab -

Patuna Bushyhead -

Thursday, 9 February 2012

The new rising star of online shopping..

If like me you are an avid on-line shopper (I LOVE to shop)... looking for some new inspiration, or a great buy for a first date, girls night out, presents, the weekend, holidays - I always have an excuse to shop : ) take a look at is a women's only wholesale clothing from China, with amazing prices!

Take a look today, they have everything you could need... prefect for fitting out bridesmaids or wedding guest?! 

Friday, 3 February 2012

Who's in the mood for love?!

We'll we are now and truly in to February... the month of love!  Any big plans for Valentine's Day... perhaps a proposal?