Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Get Your Sexy On!

I know most of you like me wont be able to afford these, but they are good for inspiration... not just on your wedding night but on the led up things can be stressy!  Remember why you are getting married, and remember (if you aren't waiting until your wedding night) to be the excited - you should want to be jumping each others bones right now ; )


LA PERLA £450 + £340



LA PERLA £1080

Monday, 2 April 2012

Wedding Pie!

For all those out there who love a good pie!

Not everyone is a fan of wedding cake, not everyone can eat cheese, or sponge... how about an alternative?  The Wedding Pie.  Not to be mistaken for the Film American Pie the Wedding!

There are some many flavours, some many ways to make it, some many different lids, and bases, different pastries...  My favourite would be, lemon tart, a pie topped with meringue, strawberry, apple and rhubarb!!  * drooling*

via Belle the Magazine

GET THE LOOK: Bohemian Themed Wedding

I've already done a post on BoHo weddings... which is almost the same, now we are taking a more in depth look at Bohemian themed/styled weddings because the sun is out and the weather is calling for laid back drinks in the park on a picnic blanket : )

Think 70s, think clutter, outside.. flowers... long flowing dresses, lights, a mishmash of things!

Lily Allen's wedding flowers - 2011