Friday, 27 September 2013

Engagement Ring shopping... yay or nay?

So do you think it is appropriate to take your boyfriend to look at engagement rings before he's even proposed... maybe months before he does?

When you are with the right person, and you plan to spend the rest of your lives together these conversations do come up, the prospect of marriage, children, houses etc. maybe way before you are ready to take those seteps... but with the knowledge that one day you will be proposed to (finger crossed nothing goes wrong) is it not okay to give them an idea of what kind of ring you would be happy to have on your finger for the rest of your lives?

I certainly think so, in fact when I was previously engaged, I had taken my partner to see the ring I had picked out - he hadn't even prosed!

Now I am in another serious relationship, we've been together a year, living together for 3 months, and the conversations of engagements, weddings, babies, houses are all starting to arise...  should I let him know my taste now or does that just make the man feel pressured, not that I am asking for it now now now?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

2014 Wedding Themes / Trends

So looks like there are a few to pick from for next years wedding season: Whimsical, Drama, Vintage / Rustic, Romance / Symbolic or you could pick from one of the years top colours: Chocolates, deep purples, warm coffees and bright citrus... I am sure pastels will stick around for another year also!  I am loving ruffled wedding cakes for 2014 too :-)



Vintage / Rustic

Check out my previous post on Rustic themed weddings:

Romance / Symbolic


Chocolates -

Warm Coffee -

Bright Citrus -


Ruffled Wedding Cakes

Hair grips and plaits 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Wedding Gifs... who doesn't love a gif?

I am currently obsessed with London Grumblr and Cat Shaming (okay cat shaming isn't all gifs but who doesn't love cats!).

* also useful if you are sending a wedding e-vite (email / Facebook / Twitter etc)

Bride Fail

Groom Win


The wedding train...

Friends, just Friends!

The Wedding Night ;-)

Disney Fairytale

A real life Prince and Princess

Bride Fail

GET THE LOOK: The Non Wedding Wedding

I am a big fan of non traditional wedding, so here are a few inspirations pictures for those who like me are planning a non wedding wedding one day!

Alternative bouquets

Unusual headpieces

Food, glorious food (could even just order in Dominos or KFC)!

The non wedding couple

Thursday, 12 September 2013

GET THE LOOK: Garden Party Themed Wedding

Can't believe it has taken me this long to consider this theme, country chic, cheap, vintage, classic, budget.... so my many options!

Here is my take of a Garden Party wedding...

I just want to party!

So after my last attempt at getting married and my recent experience of weddings and I am fortunate enough to get engaged again I will be having a 'run away' wedding... and then a party at the local pub later for all the friends and family who weren't invited...

No dress code, no first dance, no cake, no limit on plus ones, no seating plan, no wedding list.

I am seeing a local pub, spring or summer time, a couple of drinks then a pay bar, some food but nothing specific, a late afternoon evening 'do' - come as you please, bring who you please.  Get drunk and celebrate.

If people want to leave a message in a guest book I am not against that, be good if we had a instant camera and I am more than happy to accept gifts not that we'll expect it!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Venue Reviews? I need some help.

I have been looking at the following venues for an upcoming wedding and I was hoping to get a few reviews from people who've used the venues for weddings or wedding guests or just if you've eaten or stayed for another reason?

Langley Priory

Nettle Hill

Sutton Bonington Hall

Vicarage Boutique Hotel

Wethele Manor Farm

Netherstowe House

Wedding Envy... I has it!

So it seems all my friends, all my Facebook friends, all my boyfriends friends, all my work colleagues and all the celebrities are getting married.  Everyone but me!

At first it was exciting, and I love to see the different ideas everyone had and all the pretty dresses... now I am realising that I wont be getting married for at least another TWO years!  This makes me sad, but I am not sure why, I'm still young, celebrities will always be getting married... I don't want to get married for the sake of the wedding.  But still I feel envy, as though I am being left behind, as if I am stuck in my youth not moving forward and becoming the women I always imagined?

I need to spend more time with my single friends and remember I am still way off 30, and that marriage is not the light at the end of the tunnel - there is a whole life atfer that of commitment to one person (hopefully the right person, I am not a fan of divorce).

Being in a couple and hanging out with your single friends is hard though, you become a couple, doing everything together, being apart seems hard, there is no need to be 'cool' and go to bars or clubs any more... this is a ridic statement, and a cliché but its still true in itself!  We all are just looking for that person to couple up with and snuggle on the couch...

Monday, 9 September 2013

2014 Wedding Dress Trends

Looks like there are 6 wedding dress trends for 2014... Lace sleeves, detailed backs, embellishments, luxe layering, above the knee and black and white here are my top choices for inspiration!

Lace Sleeves

Kate Middleton, in McQueen 2011

Detailed Backs


Luxe Layering

Above the Knee

Black and White