Monday, 9 September 2013

Budget Troubles!

So we went to this wedding on Friday, I was just extra (didn't actually know the Bride and Groom)... boyfriend went to Uni with the Groom.  From the beginning this wedding looked like it was poorly organised (from the guests point of view).

They invited 50 of their closest family and friends to the wedding service and reception... both were held in a venue no where near where they live and far away from any guests.  The church was an hours drive from the reception venue... the venue it self was beautiful, but the area it is in can only be described as the butt whole of England, not helped by the endless rain.

The problem was that unfortunately this couple were obviously on a budget, but trying to include everything and everyone...

They obviously wanted their friends and loved ones to attend but couldn't afford to feed 100+ people so only invited friends to the wedding and reception then the guests other halves were invited to the evening party - upsetting many guests (which to me was very selfish of the guests).  They then tired to add number to the day by cutting the drinks down to 2 glasses per head and adding a Saturday BBQ for the partners who couldn't attend the day... (which wrapped early as not many people attended)!

Many couples apparently fought about one half only attending the evening as it added cost, or waiting time or guilt as to weather only one should go... or not wanting to go and spending 8 hours in the sh*tty Premier Inn looking out over the A1 for 8 hrs but knowing your boyfriend really wants you with him!!

In the end the partners went and sucked it up or just didn't go...

What I have learnt from this is if you are on a small budget keep it to a small crowd, always pay for more than 2 drinks for your guests and don't put an extra day on for whiny girlfriends/boyfriend of friends - the people you have invited have spent money and taken time to spend this day with them make sure its the best day everyone can have - including you, you don't want to spend the day worrying.

Things I would do different:

* Ensure my guests have enough to drink
* Consider guest - they've taken time off work (if during the week) / paid money to travel + for hotels + for clothes and gifts
* Don't change plans because you can't make everyone happy
* Ban drugs from the wedding - SO RUDE
* Think about the logistics

- As a PA/EA I think about making things as easy as possible for my boss at all times, I would have this approach to my wedding as well, for myself and my guests.

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