Friday, 27 September 2013

Engagement Ring shopping... yay or nay?

So do you think it is appropriate to take your boyfriend to look at engagement rings before he's even proposed... maybe months before he does?

When you are with the right person, and you plan to spend the rest of your lives together these conversations do come up, the prospect of marriage, children, houses etc. maybe way before you are ready to take those seteps... but with the knowledge that one day you will be proposed to (finger crossed nothing goes wrong) is it not okay to give them an idea of what kind of ring you would be happy to have on your finger for the rest of your lives?

I certainly think so, in fact when I was previously engaged, I had taken my partner to see the ring I had picked out - he hadn't even prosed!

Now I am in another serious relationship, we've been together a year, living together for 3 months, and the conversations of engagements, weddings, babies, houses are all starting to arise...  should I let him know my taste now or does that just make the man feel pressured, not that I am asking for it now now now?

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