Friday, 25 October 2013

GET THE LOOK: Made in Chelsea Themed Wedding

Following on from yesterday post on #TOWIE, here is the competition Made in Chelsea #MIC!  Think rich, understated, expensive and bottle upon bottles of champagne.

Mark Francis should definitely be inspiration for your wedding...

Mark Francis

Millie and Professor Green

Thursday, 24 October 2013

GET THE LOOK: #TOWIE Themed Wedding

Much to my boyfriends dismay I am a 'reality' TV fan, in particular The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea, occasionally the Real Housewives.  So if you are keeping up to date with Joey Essex and Sam's on / off relationship and can't get enough here are a few ideas for a #TOWIE themed Wedding.

Big, bold, boobs and bling!  Essex style.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

GET THE LOOK: Robin Hood Themed Wedding

The last of my boyfriend suggest wedding themes... Think Kevin Costner rather than Disney, woods, lots of flowers, dancing, merriness and big buffet style family eating!

GET THE LOOK: Oriental Themed Wedding

To be honest this theme isn't very specific, but picks out the main flavours from many oriental country Weddings.  Lots of Red, fans, bamboo, cherry blossom and romantic lighting.  Some brides might even consider a tradition dress for the marriage ceremony and a white wedding dress for the reception (or visa versa).

GET THE LOOK: Android Themed Wedding

The little green symbol for the tech software seems to have become very popular with his fans... even having themed wedding around him!

GET THE LOOK: Star Wars Themed Wedding

If I am honest this is really not my idea for a wedding theme, I am not sure how well it can be done without looking a little silly, but I have scoured the internet for images that I think do it justice! my boyfriend is a big Star Wars fan and think this is great :-)

Monday, 7 October 2013

GET THE LOOK: Lego Themed Wedding

I can not believe that after 3 years of blogging about themed weddings I have only now considered covering off Lego!   It's Lego, how could I forget about it.

From Wedding cakes, to rings and ring holders, flowers, table decorations, seating plans, name cards, gifts and so much more you can have as much and as little Lego theme as you like :-)