Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Weekend Friendly Diet = 4:3 Diet

I've been hearing all about this 5:2 diet, where you fast your body two days a week... since I just can't manage only 500 calories for one day I've come up with my own diet that's slightly more friendly and easier to manage... just takes a little more time to get the results, hopefully they should last longer though?

The 4:3 diet (or the weekend friendly diet as I call it) consists of 4 days a week, usually Monday through Thursday eating only 1200 calories (1500 if male) which can not include carbs, red meat, sugar, salt or spices.  Best to sick with white meat, fish, only pepper and steam or grilled - plus lots of veg.  Drink lots of water and green tea.

You also need to include 30 - 60 mins of cardio exercise and toning each day Monday through Friday.  I also try to do a 15 min run Saturday and Sunday (doesn't always happen).

After low fat breakfast (I am sticking to a small bowl of Alpen) on Friday you can eat and drink as you please until Monday morning :-)

I've been sticking to these rules for 2 weeks now and I've already lost 1/2 inch from my stomach and some of my thighs and bum... I don't like to weigh myself as I don't think it reflects the weight loss.

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