Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Burrito Breakfast

According to Wiki, the Wedding Breakfast is:

wedding breakfast is a dinner given to the bridebridegroom, and guests at the wedding reception that follows a wedding in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Scandinavia and some English-speaking countries. The Compact Oxford Dictionary[1] lists the phrase as only “British”, and the Merriam-Webster online dictionary[2] does not list it at all. Wedding breakfast custom is occasionally spotted in touristic countries - especially ones that are destination for tourists from English speaking countries. Countries like Poland[3]have prepared offers to cater especially for wedding tourists.
Nowadays the wedding breakfast is not normally a morning meal, so its name can be confusing. The name is claimed[4] to have arisen from the fact that in pre-Reformation times the wedding service was usually a Eucharistic Mass and that the bride and bridegroom would therefore have been fasting before the wedding in order to be eligible to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion. After the wedding ceremony was complete, the priest would bless and distribute some wine, cakes, and sweetmeats, which were then handed round to the company, including the bride and groom. This distribution of food and drink was therefore a literal “break fast” for the bride and groom, though others in attendance would not necessarily take Communion and therefore would not necessarily have been fasting. Since usage of the phrase cannot be shown to date back earlier than the first half of the nineteenth century however, a pre-16th-century origin seems unlikely.

So I would like a burrito wedding breakfast, you could have it family style / buffet style / sit down / 'bar' or van so many options, so many foods, get some margaritas!  AWESOME. 

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