Monday, 11 November 2013

It's my Wedding and I'll Pin Board if I like!

Here is my 'pin board' with wedding ideas for when I finally get my big day, if it ever happens...

Small wedding ceremony September / October in Scotland for an autumn feel with just family or

Sit down buffet meal - like a family meal

Two dresses (cheap), one for the ceremony, one for the reception

Flowers / Decorations: Simple thistle and navy flower posy - lots of candles ad fairy lights for decoration

Bridesmaid / guest can wear what they like - we want a smart casual feel

Groom - to wear a blazer and jeans as shown here in my previous post:

Invites - fun wedding invite with a picture of us being silly!

NO photographer (guests need to grab their mobiles) / no car / no gifts / no seating plan - no hassle!

Party with friends 'reception'

Big party back near our home in a local pub for all friends who didn't get invited to the wedding ceremony, put some money behind the bar and put of a spit roast - have a great, fun, relaxed evening that should save our guest money and the un-comfortableness that comes with being a wedding guest most the time!

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