Friday, 21 February 2014

Single Pink Rose

When my mum and dad got married in 1984 they were young and in love... but limited on cash.

Their wedding was for 50 close friends and family at our local Abbey.  My dad wore his soldiers uniform, Mum and my Nan (her mum) made the wedding dress, which was very on trend at the time and she carried a single pink porcelain rose!

After the wedding my nan kept the rose on a shelf at the top of her stairs... it was only recently several years after my nan passed away and I am thinking about my future wedding that I remembered the rose.  All those years as a child climbing the stairs, seeing the rose but not realising what it stood for!

Even now 12 years after my parents split up that rose has meaning, and I really wanted to use it on my big day.  Sadly 30 years after their big day the rose is no longer :-(

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