Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Wedding House Party

Wedding house party... what is this!  Well I've seen a few lovely venues offer 'sleepovers' the night before the big day, specially venues you hire as a whole.

Have private'adult' boys/girls sleep over!  This lead me to thinking, if we get married and aren't inviting family, would I just love a big house party?  

* Hire a large manor house in the country for the weekend (Fri - Mon)
* Hire a local venue for the wedding (hotel / church / registry office)
* Wedding breakfast at a local hotel / restaurant or hire caters to provide it at the house
* Ask your guests to arrive either the night before or on the day (they'll only need to cover their travel costs)
* Use a local supermarket to order food/drink and have it delivered to the house

Cheap / fun and a cool alternative wedding party!

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