Monday, 20 October 2014

Wedding Website... I do?

So HopFest2015 is now in full swing planning has come up in conversation and just in general research, should be have a wedding website or not?

I was think I could just link it to my blog, through blogger and it might be a good place for people to find info?! But is it impersonal and does anyone actually look at it?

To blog or not to blog...that is the question.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Engagement Sexism?

So we've been engaged now for just over 3 weeks and its been lovely, lots of cards, gifts and happy messages from Friends, Family and Work Colleagues.

I get the pleasure of working with Danny my H2B, and something I noticed was a little sexism between the celebratory comments,

We or I received lots of congratulations... he on the other hand received well done, or comments relating to earning potential.

So size of the ring doesn't just matter to girls, it matters to men in the most primal way.  He how can afford the biggest, obviously is the best!  Before now I always felt pressure that it was just a girl wanting a big sparkly diamond.

Our Engagement

We're engaged!  My boyfriend of two year proposed the day after our 2 year anniversary (Sunday 14th Sept)... The day before he had asked my father for permission at a family birthday party, apparently they had quite a moment :-)

How did it happen?  Well I kind of ruined it for him a little.  Sunday morning we were lazing about on the couch and Danny asked where the cats were?  I assumed outside doing cat stuff.

Shortly after he got up and let Mark Francis back in, so both cats were with me in the lounge.
Getting up I thought Danny was in the bathroom and tried to sneak into the bedroom with an anniversary card I was yet to give him.  On entering the bedroom Danny was stood in the door way and questioned 'what are you doing'?  Confused I asked what he was doing!

He then turned to face me and asked me to marry him.  I said yes.  We hugged.

Turned out he had a whole plan with the cats involved... but I had gotten up to soon and walked in on him preparing his proposal! Ha, typical me,

Antique brilliant cut 1.83 carat / 0.10 on the side platinum band.
From Maria Krailing @

We didn't announce our engagement for a few days, using the above pics from our Scotland trip.