Monday, 6 October 2014

Our Engagement

We're engaged!  My boyfriend of two year proposed the day after our 2 year anniversary (Sunday 14th Sept)... The day before he had asked my father for permission at a family birthday party, apparently they had quite a moment :-)

How did it happen?  Well I kind of ruined it for him a little.  Sunday morning we were lazing about on the couch and Danny asked where the cats were?  I assumed outside doing cat stuff.

Shortly after he got up and let Mark Francis back in, so both cats were with me in the lounge.
Getting up I thought Danny was in the bathroom and tried to sneak into the bedroom with an anniversary card I was yet to give him.  On entering the bedroom Danny was stood in the door way and questioned 'what are you doing'?  Confused I asked what he was doing!

He then turned to face me and asked me to marry him.  I said yes.  We hugged.

Turned out he had a whole plan with the cats involved... but I had gotten up to soon and walked in on him preparing his proposal! Ha, typical me,

Antique brilliant cut 1.83 carat / 0.10 on the side platinum band.
From Maria Krailing @

We didn't announce our engagement for a few days, using the above pics from our Scotland trip.

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