Monday, 24 November 2014

One Appointment, One Wedding Dress Bought!

So that wasn't to hard.., I had originally wanted a sparkly, beaded wedding dress, and I thought I'd end up with a prom dress as I had set a rather tight budget.  I really don't like the idea of spending hundred if not thousands on a dress I'll wear once!

So after suggesting to H2B that I might wear a coloured dress as most prom dresses aren't ivory or white he wasn't to keen, that is when I gave up on sparkles and went for a vintage dress.

I Google, I tweeted, I search and search... Etsy, eBay and all the other places I thought I could find vintage.  All I really came across was replica vintage wedding dresses, then I found Vintage Lane Bridal in Bolton, which I was going to visit later in the year as I live in London.

One night on twitter I saw a post by Brides magazine suggestion vintage brides to check out House of Vintage in Shorditch London... boom!

I booked my appointment for this Saturday just gone, Nov 22nd, my 'Maids' and myself picked 8-10 dresses and started the process of elimination.

Whilst trying the dresses on we were talking to the shop owner Marcia and she put one of our dresses to the end, to try on last.  As she had decided which she mentioned later sound like what I had originally wanted when describing how we came about to want a vintage dress.

I put this little number on and wow, there and then both the 'Maids', myself and Marcia thought it was a winner.  I'd also picked one other I was keen on from our selection.  We stood and eyed them both up and had a chat about HopFest15.

I was hesitant to buy it there and then, it was a lot of money to spend, having not seen any other dresses... but I thought if I don't buy it now someone else will, and to be honest I really hated the process of trying all these dresses on and once bought I can tick that off my list!  So 30-45 mins into our appointment I had bought my wedding dress :-)

Both Vintage Lane and House of Vintage Brides have all sorts of dress and pics do not do them justice.  If you are a bride on a budget, love vintage styling or just want something more unique do check them out.

Prices range from £200 - 1000.  Mine was a total of £650, which for an almost fulled beaded dress quite the bargain.

* one thing to be aware: vintage dresses my have some damage from the age... mine is missing a few beads on the very bottom.  Which you can't see when on and if I wanted I could have fixed.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Wedding Planning... so far

The fiance and I got engaged Sept 14th, and after a weeks break got straight into the wedding planning as we are getting married May 8th 2015... giving us only 7 or so months to plan!

Thankfully we had found the reception venue pre engagement, so I just went a head and confirmed that... then we viewed 3 venues for the ceremony, once that was decided we booked the registrar.

We have also confirmed the big items: marquee hire / toilets / photographer / catering and gave notice of marriage.

H2B & Bestman are in charge of finding beer kegs to hire & bar, PA system and suits.

Bridesmaid and myself are doing the DIY element, which turns out eBay and Amazon are amazing for.

As we are having a wedfest I've been buying bunting, face paint, glow sticks, glitter, temporary tattoos... 

And tomorrow I have my first wedding dress shopping appointment at House Of Vintage in Shoreditch London.

So much still to do and sadly its all the bitty stuff that needs to wait until closer the date! #HopFest15 our wedding website :-)

Monday, 3 November 2014

GET THE LOOK: Wedding Festival Theme

This theme is inspired by many modern weddings, and is what we'll be having for our 'big day' next May !

Wedding Festivals are a great way to make the most of your celebration, in a relaxed fun setting.  Must haves:  marquee/ti-pi / food vans / bar / music / hay bales / games / lights & vintage dresses

We are adding fancy dress, face painting etc. for the bestial vibe.


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