Monday, 23 March 2015

Knowing what I know now

With only 46 days until the wedding now, what would I have done differently?  Pushed harder for what I wanted not what H2B and other family members want.

If we cancelled it all now and started again, I would wear the jumpsuit I wanted, let the H2B wear jeans.. having my maids in jumpsuits too, get married at the local registry office and have drinks/nibbles at a local pub after the honeymoon.

A classic elopement with a stylish edge, and CHEAP!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Antique / Vintage Engagement Ring - FOR SALE

I have an antique/vintage ring for sale...  message me if you are interested.

Modern heavy 2mm platinum band in art deco style - size J (hall marked)
1.1 carat old mine cut centre stone from 1860-1880
Slightly yellow in some light, and has a small flaw
Roughly 0.4 carat diamonds either side
Ring was bought 2010 from Aurum at Grey Antique Market in Bond Street London
Valued at £3000k (OIR£1200)

Great cut, lots of sparkle!  Sad to see it go.