Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Wedding Inks & Couple Tattoos

Since our wedding last May (2015) my husband has brought up the idea of couple tattoos, he seems pretty keen on the idea.

Having had two tattoos already I know the time and thought that should go into permanently marking your body for life, and I am so far not convinced matching or couple tattoos is the way forward!

Maybe he'll find the right design one day and I'll change my mind, but right now it just seems to be tempting fate.

Here are a few designs that I have seen and like, just not for myself right now.  If you are going to get a couple / wedding tattoo inking, make sure to really think about it... don't rush into anything.  It's expensive and painful to remove!


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  3. Such a cool idea, I'm thinking of getting a tattoo after my wedding in relation to the place we're getting married. I’m currently planning my very own wedding at an amazing castle wedding venue! (Rowton Castle: and I am hoping that we too can have a good time and something special to take away with us.